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April 23rd, 2014 

And now for our biggest update this month... There are SEVEN new Ligne Bretagnes posted! Six are standard series in a variety of shapes, and one is a bent freehand Collector. And we're still not done with April...

April 17th - And one more small update to follow up! I've just posted four new Ligne Bretagnes, including the last two bulldogs of the set I mentioned earlier, and the last of the squat paneled pumpkins. I'd intended to wait and add a couple more pipes to this update until I realized we were almost up on Easter weekend and the post office would be closed and if I wanted to get any pipes sold and shipped, I need to post what I had on hand today and not wait.

April 13th - Lots of new Ligne Bretagnes up - I've just posted five new pipes to the LB catalog, in a mix of bulldog and longstemmed squat panel shapes. Look for more like this over the next few days as well, as I work on getting into a semi-pattern of making and posting multiple matching shapes together.

April 5th - Hello for April! I've got four new Ligne Bretagnes posted today - two regular series and two Collectors. I hope everyone out there is enjoying a nice Spring! I can certainly say that it's nice to see the sun here, especially after last month's ice storms.

March 17th - And finaly, to cap off this weekend's stream of constant site updates, I've just posted a really wild LB Collector sandblast - my own little personal commemoration of NC's crazy ice storm.

March 16th - Following up last night's post, I've just uploaded another pair of Ligne Bretagnes to the catalog. These are bents, a sort of stubby apple/pear shape, one smooth and one blast.

March 15th - Still alive! For those who don't follow the national weather, the reason we haven't posted any updates in a while is because our state was hit with an unexpected and massive ice storm last week that shut down huge sections of the state, including us. The prediction for that Thursday night was, "Sleet and freezing rain." We were awakened early Friday morning by what sounded like bombs being dropped on our neighborhood - several of which were so massive that they shook the entire house. Then the power went out. When I went outdoors to take a walk around and see what was going on, I found a solid 3" of ice accumulated overnight and trees down everywhere... There was a power line hanging broken in the road next to our house, and I had to help our neighbors drag a fallen tree to the side that was blocking off their driveway completely. It became obvious really quickly that this was not going to be a power outage that would get fixed in a couple of hours.

And that was what kicked off the next six days - All the hotels were filed up so we shifted between staying here in the freezing house under piles of blankets, and staying with family and friends. We only finally were able to come back home and resume work yesterday, after six days lost! All is well here, though - We didn't lose any trees, thankfully, and didn't suffer any damage apart from losing the contents of our fridge. However, now I definitely have a LOT of work to make up! Keep an eye on the site over the next two weeks as I will be cranking like mad to finish up a lot of previously-in-progress projects in order to get us caught up and get some income again. When you're self-employed, if you can't work, the money stops immediately, so that amounted to an enforced, unpaid week off, gack... Lots of catching up to do!

February 20th - It's been a while since the last update but it's tax season here, and Emily is doing our biz taxes herself this year, which has required a lot of research and consultations with the accountant for final error-checking, plus learning tax software, etc... and in our case, the rather ridiculous addition of having to get a Windows computer since the tax software package we needed isn't available for Macs! Ergo, after about 8-9 years, I have a Windows (7) box in the house again. I look forward to making a toy of it once the important money stuff gets done.

But, that's not why you're reading this! New pipes are up. The big addition is the amber Talbert Cutty that I've been posting teaser photos of on our Facebook and Twitter feeds. Also, there are five new Ligne Bretagnes posted, in an unusual mix of offbeat styles alongside some reliable favorites.

February 1st - Kicking off the month with a small update this weekend. I had planned to wait a while longer before the next update, but one of the previous sales ended up falling through so I had an extra LB to put back on the site, and figured I'd just go ahead and post what was ready now. The new Ligne Bretagne Collector (First of 2014!) is a thing to see...

January 28th - Back again with another update, this time a fairly major one. I explain it further in the description of the pipe itself, but suffice to say, I'm indulging in a very long-held dream this month by posting a new Halloween pipe for 2014. For many years now, I've often said that if I had my best wish, I'd do nothing but make Halloween pipes all year round. That's still not going to happen any time soon, but this year I'm moving one step closer to that goal by beginning to post Halloween pipes throughout the year - Every month can be Halloween! Well, as my time and inspiration allow, anyway. My goal is to leave open some free space for sudden attacks of creativity, so that if and when a design idea strikes, I can make it and post it, instead of having to cram all of my Halloween pipe work into September and October. I'm sure I'll still do more Halloween pipes during those months, but now I'm going to be making them as I have the ideas for them, and I hope it will be fun for me and my buyers alike.

Also new are four more Ligne Bretagnes, so there's certainly something for everyone at either end of my price range!

January 15th - Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great holiday season and that your 2014 is off to a marvelous start, especially all you brave souls who have just signed up for gym memberships! I write this first update of the year while sitting here wearing my new Gunnar Optiks computer glasses... What a concept! I'm hoping they will help with the eye fatigue I get sometimes on days like today when I spend most of the day sitting in front of a computer screen instead of a workbench. I swear, I don't know how office people do it - It's amazing how tiring it can be just staring at a monitor all day. In any case, I'm here with new pipes posted! There are six new Ligne Bretagnes to kick off the year, and one fabulous green Talbert sandblasted poker, complete with my own custom-blended and cast stem material. That should get 2014 going on a positive note!




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