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January 11th, 2016 

Hello all! Back again with another site update. We're working hard here trying to get a LOT of new pipes up on the site to start off the new year with, and this time I've posted four more new Ligne Bretagnes to the catalog, plus one drop-dead gorgeous LB Collector, a smooth bulldog that came out *way* better than I had expected it to.

January 6th - Happy New Year! Whew, I can definitely say I'm glad to leave 2015 behind, what a miserable year that was. Here's hoping 2016 will be better times! It's certainly started off well - The very first pipe I finished in the New Year was a really spectacular natural Oom-Paul sandblast, with drop-dead stunning grain. So at least the briar gods are smiling on me! I've just posted it, along with two other new Oom-Pauls, to the Ligne Bretagne catalog. I wish I could post more, but the Oom-Pauls are a major time-sink in terms of labor, so they're not very good for the income and as such, need to be made in group batches only and spread out among more profitable pipe designs. These three new ones are the last of a batch of six I started in December, and will probably be the only Oom-Pauls for a while.




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